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Usha Mangeshkar

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Usha Mangeshkar Lyrics are synonymous with some of the greatest hits of Indian music. Her voice has graced countless songs that have become a part of the cultural fabric of India. From romantic ballads to foot-tapping numbers, Usha Mangeshkar’s lyrics have the power to transport listeners to a different world.

Born into a family of musicians, Usha Mangeshkar started her musical journey at a young age. Her elder sister, Lata Mangeshkar, was already an established playback singer in Bollywood.

Usha Mangeshkar followed in her sister’s footsteps and soon became a sought-after playback singer herself. Her soulful renditions of classic songs like “Mere Sapno Ki Rani” and “Tanha Tanha” are still popular among music lovers of all ages.

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